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26.04.2024 FORMBASE goes to Swiss

🎉👟 Another victory for the Formbase! This time our beloved specialty stove for sports shoes has reached the team of BSC Young Boys AG in Bern, Switzerland! 🏆⚽ The boys are in the full glory of the 1st division Switzerland and we are so proud of their achievement! 💪🔥

20.04.2023 FORMBASE goes to Scotland

Our new formbase is for the Scottish national football team in black with the club logo.

11.04.2023 Thank you to Germany

Many thanks to Kai Eisele & the Karlsuher SC for the jersey.

04.04.2023 Thank you to Belgium

Thank you Standard Liège for the shirt.

28.03.2023 Thank you to Poland

Many thanks Mr. Podolski & Polish football club Górnik Zabrze for the jersey.

20.03.2023 FORMBASE goes to Wolfsburg

It goes to FC Wolfsburg, they now get their FORMBASE in club colors.

09.03.2023 FORMBASE goes to Lower Saxony

The SV Atlas Delmenhorst e. V. , now gets its FORMBASE in club colors.

03.03.2023 FORMBASE goes to Cologne

FC Viktoria Cologne 1904 e. V , now gets their FORMBASE in club colors.

24.02.2023 FORMBASE goes to Essen

FC Rot-weiss Essen from North Rhine-Westphalia is now getting its FORMBASE in club colors.

18.02.2023 FORMBASE goes to Denmark

The Danish Boldklub Odense now gets their FORMBASE in club colors.

13.02.2023 FORMBASE goes to Saxony

The Vogtland football club Plauen is now getting its FORMBASE in club colors.

08.02.2023 FORMBASE goes to Saxony

The Chemnitz Football Club e. V., Chemnitzer FC or CFC for short, is now getting its form base. Here they shine in #blue, finally perfectly fitting soccer shoes.

02.02.2023 FORMBASE goes to Switzerland

Our clientele now also includes the Grasshopper Club Zurich. Of course, the form base comes in club colors.

24.01.2023 FORMBASE goes to Denmark

BLUE AND WHITE #myformbase Danish football club Lyngby BK is next in line & will be sent a black formbase.

16.01.2023 FORMBASE goes to North Rhine Westphalia

Welcome to our #Schalke04 customer group Finally perfectly fitting #soccerboots

09.01.2023 FORMBASE goes to Belgium

The Royal Standard Club de Liège, also known as Standard Liège, now also has the pleasure of owning a Formbase.

03.01.2023 FORMBASE goes to Poland

The Polish football club Górnik Zabrze gets a bright red form base from #ktechgmbh Have fun with the perfectly fitting soccer shoes!

19.10.2022 FORMBASE goes Saxonia

FC Carl Zeiss Jena is now also part of our customer base and can look forward to a FORMBASE. Here is the specially made object for the three-time DDR champion in the club colors.

19.10.2022 FORMBASE goes Belgium again

As the third team from the Belgian Jupiler Pro League, VV St. Truiden has brought the FORMBASE into the dressing room as a supporter. Welcome to the FORMBASE family. We are pleased that our customer base in BeNeLux is growing.

St. Truiden FORMBASE mit Logo in gelb blau

18.10.2022 FORMBASE goes Switzerland

Since mid-October the FC Lausanne-Sports can also look forward to their FORMBASE. Now the players of the second division are perfectly equipped for the season.

Lausanne FORMBASE blau schwarz mit Logo

17.10.2022 FORMBASE goes Netherlands

The Dutch second division team of the Eerste Divisie PEC Zwolle receives its two FORMBASEs. Gut Kick and good luck!

FORMBASE PEC Zwolle Niederlande

01.10.2022 FORMBASE goes USA

Let’s go to the States. Idaho, to be precise. The ski boots from Sun Valley Ski Tools now also offer customers a perfect fit from day 1! Welcome to the FORMBASE family

FORMBASE blau weiß für Sun Valley Ski Tools Idaho USA

01.09.2022 FORMBASE goes Netherlands

Another FORMBASE goes to the Netherlands! The second division club MVV Maastricht is now supported in the dressing room by our FORMBASE. We are happy about the newcomer!

28.04.2022 FORMBASE goes Israel

The Football Association Israel has received their FORMBASE. We are happy to welcome yet an other international member of the FORMBASE-family. Good luck!

Logo Israel Nationalmannschaft Fußball Football Association Soccer

13.02.2022 FORMBASE and the BVB

Many thanks for the look into the dressing room by kit man Frank Gräfen from BVB and congratulations on the 0:3 win against Union Berlin!

28.01.2022 First Bulgarian club receives FORMBASE

Finally our FORMBASE arrived in the east of Europe! The club PFC Ludogorets Razgrad  received their FORMBASE as the first Bulgarian club. Their bootfitting oven is classic allover grey with their club logo on it. From now on our FORMBASE is a valuable member of their team.

27.01.2022 New year, new club

Our FORMBASE goes north again! TSV Havelse, playing in the third league of the Bundesliga, received their FORMBASE just after the new year started! We are happy to welcome another member in our FORMBASE-family. All the best and keep goaling in now perfect fitted boots.

17.12.2021 FORMBASE at KV Kortrijk

Our FORMBASE is now a staff member of the KV Kortrijk – playing in the belgium premier league. After the FORMBASE arrived in Belgium the team won his next game 2:0! Teamcaptain Kristof D’Haene hits the “latje trap” (shot against the bar) now even better than before. Welcome to our FORMBASE-family and good luck on the next games before the winter break!

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12.07.2021 FORMBASE at SIDAS - France

The manufacturer of shoe insoles SIDAS is now also relying on our FORMBASE. Now the insoles can be adapted even better to the customer’s footbed. We are proud to be a part of foot health. Medical insoles not only relieve pain, but can also change the gait and thus be used to correct posture. Thank you for the trust from France!

FORMBASE SIDAS France Schuheinlagen

01.07.2021 FORMBASE at SV Waldhof Mannheim

The Sportsclub SV Waldhof Mannheim is our newest member in the FORMBASE-family. The are happy to have their new secret weapon for this season. Good luck to the team!

11.06.2021 FORMBASE at the UEFA EURO 2020!

Our FORMBASE ist going to be part of the Europe League in the UEFA EURO 2020! Which team is using our heating system for perfect fitted boots will be a secret. Nevertheless we wish all teams fair play and exciting games!

07.05.2021 FORMBASE goes East - FSV Zwickau

The FORMBASE has arrived in Saxonia. The team of the FSV Zwickau is happy to have perfect fitted boots from now on.

03.03.2021 FORMBASE arrived at Wuerzburger Kickers

Our FORMBASE arrived in Lower Franconia in Bavaria. The Team Wuerzburger Kickers are excited to finally get the perfect fitting of their football shoes in the next games and trainings, so they can perform even better.

11.02.2021 FORMBASE goes north again

Sportsclub SC Paderborn 07 received their second FORMBASE. One just wasn’t enough to fit the whole team and prepare their shoes for the games and trainings.

SC Padernborn Mannschaft Kabine FORMBASE

04.02.2021 FORMBASE goes Rheinland-Pfalz

FORMBASE goes Kaiserslautern situated in Rheinland-Pfalz. The footballclub 1st FC Kaiserslautern received their FORMBASE. Marvin Pourié and Jean Zimmer tested the FORMBASE directly after. During the game on 6th of February the players could get a first impression of the new fitting of their shoes.

Mannschaft FC Kaiserslautern Formbase

04.02.2021 SG Dynamo Dresden received their FORMBASE

The sports community SG Dynamo Dresden playing in the third German soccer league received their FORMBASE.
Now one can find FORMBASE in the whole of Germany.


Logo Dynamo Dresden

21.01.2021 FORMBASE goes Linz

The FORMBASE goes Austria again.
The athletics-sports-club Linz (known as LASK) received their FORMBASE.

Logo LASK Linz

21.01.2021 FORMBASE goes Lower Franconia in Bavaria

The Wuerzburger Kickers, playing in the 2nd German soccer league, got FORMBASE just in time for the new year.

Logo Würzburger Kickers

08.12.2020 FORMBASE in the 2nd German soccer league

FORMBASE goes to nothern Baden-Wuerttemberg.
The sports club SV Sandhausen received their FORMBASE.

Logo SV Sandhausen 1916

06.11.2020 News from Belgium

FORMBASE goes Belgium.
The Koninklijke Voetbalklub Oostende playing in Jupiler Pro League received their FORMBASE. Goalkeeper Guillaume Hubert tells us how it works in this video.

16.09.2020 FK Austria Wien received their FORMBASE

New arrival Markus Suttner established the FORMBASE in Vienna.
We are really happy and proud to support the Austrian Bundesliga record-holding champions with our FORMBASE.
Good luck to the whole team of Peter Stoeger.

04.03.2020 VfR Aalen receives their FORMBASE

Our FORMBASE went to regional league team VfR Aalen, situated in eastern Baden-Wuerttemberg.

19.02.2020 VfL Wolfsburg received their FORMBASE

FORMBASE goes 1st German soccer league again.
The team of VfL Wolfsburg received their own FORMBASE.

25.11.2019 News from Switzerland

The FORMBASE arrived in our neighbouring country Switzerland.
The FC Aarau from the Challenge League received their FORMBASE.
Player Marco Thaler suggesed FORMBASE. With no hesitation all teamers from the FC Aarau wanted to have the FORMBASE for the wohle team.

FC Aarau Mannschaft Kabine Formbase

14.10.2019 FORMBASE goes 3rd league

After a short test phase our FORMBASE goes to KFC Uerdingen 05.
The tradition-rich club from Krefeld received their own FORMBASE in the club-colours and their logo.
All the best to the whole team and special thanks to Lukas Koenigshofer for a fuss-free communication.

FORMBASE FC Uerdingen 05

19.09.2019 FORMBASE goes 2nd German soccer league

Our FORMBASE stays lit!
1st FC Heidenheim 1846 e.V. received two labelled FORMBASEs after a really short testing phase.
Including the FCH logo and the customized colours, their FORMBASE looks great.
We are really happy to have delivered a FORMBASE to a Team in Baden-Wuerttemberg once again.
All the best and succes in this season.

05.08.2019 Austrian team SKN St. Poelten received their FORMBASE

SKN St. Poelten from the tipico Bundesliga received their FORMBASE after the test phase.
The whole team was thrilled and are delighted to receive their labelled FORMBASE.
Good luck to the team this season!

SKN St. Pöltern und ihre FORMBASE

11.04.2019 FC Augsburg receives FORMBASE

With the FC Augsburg the FORMBASE goes to a team in the 1st Bundesliga once again.
Rani Khedira, brother of woldchampion Sami Khedira, got in touch with us. He wanted to suggest the FORMBASE to his teamers.
After a perfect testing phase, the team wanted to have their own FORMBASE.
Thank you and Good luck!

14.03.2019 Fortuna Duesseldorf gets their FORMBASE

The team of Fortuna Duesseldorf received their own FORMBASE after a short test phase.
Through internal contacts, they got to know the FORMBASE and wanted to see how it works.
The club from the state capital decided to get their very own FORMBASE.
We are more than happy to welcome another team of the Bundesliga and wish all the best receiving their goals.

13.03.2019 1. FC Union Berlin receives FORMBASE

After a short testing phase the team from our captial city decided to get their own FORMBASE.
The team of Urs Fischer is in 3rd place in the 2nd Bundesliga right now.
The promotion to the 1st Bundesliga after this season is within reach.
We wish the whole team and all authorities good luck.

17.01.2019 VFB Luebeck receives FORMBASE

The new year starts with a new team in our FORMBASE family.
The regional league team VFB Luebeck got their FORMBASE.
Players around Tommy Grupe are enthusiastic to have the perfect fitting shoes from now on. All because of their FORMBASE.
Good luck and an injury-free season.

FORMBASE beim VFB Lübeck Mannschaft Kabine

Furthermore there was a little article in (available only in German)

08.11.2018 FC Winterthur approves with their FORMBASE

The team of FC Winterthur really enjoys the benefits of their FORMBASE.
Our FORMBASE is once again a part in the prep of a Swiss soccerteam.
Special thanks to Granit Lekaj.

24.10.2018 SV Meppen 1912 e.V. from the 3rd German soccer league receives their FORMBASE

After short tests the SV Meppen 1912 e.V. wanted to get their own FORMBASE, certainly with their logo on it.
The players happily present their FORMBASE.
We keep our fingers corssed for their seasonal goal 18/19 to stay in the third league.

SV Meppen und ihre Formbase Mannschaft

26.10.2018 The socalled "Laendle" listens Radio7 with their story about our FORMBASE

Radiostation Radio7 broadcast a report on our FORMBASE.
All around Baden-Wuerttemberg Radio7 is known as the top radiostation.
For everyone who missed out the report, we have a live recording of it (available only in German).

16.10.2018 Bayer 04 Leverkusen, team in the 1st German soccer league receives FORMBASE

Bayer 04 Leverkusen receives their FORMBASE.
The team and the club decided to get their own FORMBASE after a short test phase.
We are more than happy to welcome the next team of the Bundesliga in our FORMBASE-family.

13.09.2018 SC Paderborn gets their FORMBASE

FORMBASE goes 1st Bundesliga once again.
Thanks to defender Uwe Huenemeier a club from Westfalen uses the benefits of the FORMBASE.

SC Padernborn Mannschaft Kabine Formbase

04.04.2018 FC Luzern gets second FORMBASE

The FC Luzern received their 2nd FORMBASE. One just wasn’t enough.
Thanks for your confidence.


26.03.2018 FC Taegerwilen receives FORMBASE

The FC Taegerwilen got their FORMBASE.
The team is the first Swiss team, which received their FORMBASE.
Hurting feet, blisters and breaking your shoes before use, are now things from the past.
Good luck to the Swiss team.

FC Tägerwilen Mannschaft Kabine FORMBASE

07.02.2018 Report of the SWR about our FORMBASE and the usage in soccer

The SWR visited k-tech and did a little report about our FORMBASE.

You can watch the report here (available only in German).

07.09.2017 Next traditional club receives their FORMBASE

We a really happy to welcome our new member of the FOMBASE-family.
F.C. Hansa Rostock, 3rd league Bundesligateam, just got their FORMBASE.
After a really short test phase, the players around Stefan Wannenwetsch were thrilled.
Hansa Rostock ist THE team of Northeast Germany and final NOFV-champion.
The FORMBASE-family is growing continual.
All the best to Hansa.

Zeitungsbericht FC Hansa Rostock

15.02.2017 FORMBASE goes to Britain!

Just now we were able to equip our first team from England – Great Britain.
The championteam Huddersfield Townaus received their very own FORMBASE after a short testing phase. Thanks for recommending our FORMBASE to your teamers, Elias Kachunga!
Good luck to the whole team with their seasonal goal “Premier League”

09.02.2017 News from FC Ingolstadt

The FC Ingolstadt did send us some photos and videos of the team using our FORMBASE before a game. We are pleased to see how happy the team is with their FORMBASE.
All the best for the remaining season and your team goals.

FORMBASE beim FC Ingolstadt Kabineneinblick

06.12.2016 Great Interview from VFB Stuttgart legend Michael Meusch!

The equipment manager talks about his job and his secret weapon the FORMBASE with the Stuttgarter-News! You can read the article here: Der Herr der Dinge! (available only in German).

01.12.2016 FORMBASE goes Austria! First team in Austria receives their FORMBASE!

Austrian Bundesligateam FC Red Bull Salzburg receives their FORMBASE.
After testing the FORMBASE for a short time, our FORMBASE was able to confince everyone in the team. So the first team in Salzburg – Austria got their FORMBASE!

RB Salzburg FORMBASE Mannschaft Kabine

08.09.2016 RasenBallsport Leipzig receives their FORMBASE

Our German FORMBASE-family is growing once again.
The RB Leipzig, team in the 1st Bundesliga, wanted to get two FORMBASE with their logo, after testing it for 4 weeks.
The whole saxonian team and their advisors are certain of the amenitis and benefits of the FORMBASE.
Thanks to all and good luck with the premierseason 2016/17.

12.04.2016 SV Stuttgarter Kickers receives their own FORMBASE

The SV Stuttgarter Kickers recevied their own customized FORMBASE.
Former team of the 1st Bundesliga and runner-up in soccer, wanted to get a FORMBASE after a really short testing time.
From now on the “Blue-Ones” from Degerloch can enjoy all the benefits of using the FORMBASE.
Have fun with it and good luck!
Wir wünschen Viel Spaß und eine erfolgreiche Zeit mit der FORMBASE.

Stuttgarter Kickers FORMBASE Mannschaftsbesuch

19.03.2016 Team of the 1st Bundesliga VFB Stuttgart 1839 uses FORMBASE, after testing phase!

After testing the FOMBASE for 4 weeks, VFB Stuttgart decided to get one of our heating systems.

Of course the FORMBASE ist designed in red and wite (the colours of the club). The icing on the cake is their logo on the glass pane.

The FORMBASE looks great. Even the team were gushed.

Alle the best and thanks for your confidence.

09.12.2015 FC Vaduz orders second FORMBASE

Once again the FC Vaduz receives one FORMBASE.
The players are using their first FORMBASE before every training and game. For this reason one just wasn’t enough, so the team decided to get a second FORMBASE.

18.11.2015 FORMBASE at SV Wehen Wiesbaden - Perfect fitted shoes for the whole team

After a testing phase the SV Wehen Wiesbaden received their FORMBASE.
The team of the 3rd Bundesliga and from the state capital of Hessen got their own customized FORMBASE.
Special thanks to Mister Conradi and all staff members of the club. It’s been great working with you.
All the best to the team and an season without injuries.

23.06.2015 FC Vaduz from Swiss Super League received their FORMBASE

The FC Vaduz aus Liechtenstein plays in the Swiss Super League.
The team ist the first non-swiss team playing in the Super League. The team is also playing in the international Pokal and the lichtensteiner Pokal.
All the best to coach Giorgio Contini  and his team for the future.

13.05.2015 TSV 1860 München receives their own FORMBASE

The TSV 1860 München got heir own FORMBASE.
The founding member of the 1st Bundesliga tried the FORMBASE and wanted to get one after a short time.
Ofcourse it was customized, so it would fit the design of 1860 München. On the glass panel the “1860 lion” can’t be missed.
Good luck in the reamining season of the 2nd Bundesliga.

23.04.2015 FC Ingolstadt 04 receives two FORMBASE

Der FC Ingolstadt 04 got two labelled FORMBASE.
After a short testing phase the team from the 2nd Bundesliga wanted to get 2 FORMBASE.
Head of the medical departement and the players were confinced of the benefits and anemities.
Thanks to all members of the club and alle the best for this season.

23.03.2015 FORMBASE goes to 1. FSV Mainz 05

From now on the FORMBASE is playing a big role in the 1st Bundesliga.

The 1. FSV Mainz 05 wanted to get our FORMBASE, as the first team of the 1st Bundesliga.
After a first test, the FSV Mainz 05 got their customized FORMBASE. Ofcourse in red and white, the colours of the club and the logo on each side of the oven. It’s not just usefull, but a eye-catcher.
Thanks to the whole team, especially to the equipment manager Walter Notter for the outreach.
Alle the best and good luck to the whole team. May you score the most goals in this season.

FORMBASE FSV MAinz 05 Fußballschuhe

13.03.2015 Haching uses FORMBASE

We are proud to welcome the next team in our FORMBASE-family. The SpVgg Unterhaching!
A review of our heiting system is given by head coach Christian Ziege on the Website of the SpVgg Unterhaching (available only in German)
Since last Autumn, the SpVgg uses the heating system FORMBASE of the company k-tech

FORMBASE beim SpVgg Unterhaching

03.02.2014 20.000th FORMBASE goes Austria

Our 20.000th FORMBASE goes to Atomic.
The Austrian company, is producing sporting goods for skiing. Atomic received two different kinds of FORMBASE. One can choose between the “Memoryfit” oven and the Atomic-Salomon “CO-Branded” oven.
We are more than happy to announce, that in the last 3.5 years 5.000 FORMBASE were ordered by our clients. We are now looking foreward to hit the 25.000 goal.
We would love to hit this goal after 20 years on the market. Stay tuned!

Atomic Formbase Memoryfit

01.02.2014 FORMBASE goes North

The players of the 3rd Bundesliga team VFL Osnabrück, decided to get their FORMBASE after testing one in the last 2 weeks. Not only the players are confinced of the benefits, even equipment manager Mario Richter ist looking foreward to receive the FORMBASE. Quick breaking of the shoes, no blisters or dents, better control of the ball and never again cold feet, are just some of the benefits the teamers are experiencing. The VFL Osnabrück FORMBASE was customized in the colours lilac and white and the logo is placed on the sides of the FORMBASE.
Thanks to the team and alls staff members of the VFL Osnabrück.
Good luck in the season 2014!